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   On December 22, 2014, a member of the Facebook Group GOOD DEEDS IN THE MAT-SU VALLEY  posted about her encounter with a homeless man rifling through the trash bin at a local food market. Her query to him revealed that he was looking for Christmas gifts for his children. The family was homeless and living in a tent.

    Her post garnered such an outpouring from the community of offers of help that the comments soon overwhelmed the page.  The next morning, Wasilla Homeless-Committee was born with a new Facebook page.

   The first meeting was held January 10, 2015. Several of those in attendance were homeless at that time. They spoke of the inability to obtain help

from the valley agencies because they did not meet the criteria for help.

   The committee decided that incorporation as a non-profit entity was needed so that assistance could be provided to those residents who "fell through the cracks".  On January 21,2015, Wasilla Homeless-Committee was given that status by the state of Alaska.  Full non-profit status was completed when we were declared a 501(c)3 organization by the IRS.

   Many of those original founders are still active today, and Wasilla Homeless-Committee has been effective in providing assistance to over 400 clients since the beginning.

   Wasilla Homeless-Committee still operates today, as it did in the beginning, from the generous donations from the community of money, clothing, food, and household items.

   Wasilla Homeless-Committee is a proud member of these organizations:


 January 10, 2015

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