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Hope Village

Hope for the Homeless

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  Hope Village is a planned community of tiny houses, planned by Wasilla Homeless-Committee, and offered as a solution for emergency housing of the homeless, progressing toward stable low cost rental and purchase options.

  The village build plan is divided into three phases with progress through the phases progressing as rapidly as needs and funding permit.

  The entire community could encompass as few as 25 acres with the possibility of expanding to 100 acres. Playgrounds, green spaces, and small parks would be scattered strategically around the village.

  Residents would be required to pay a rental fee based on a sliding scale of income.  As residents progress in stability and income, they could move into upgraded homes with the option of rent or purchase based on desire.

  A community center would be located adjacent to the Phase I homes to provide easier access for those in Phase I.  The community center would offer personal storage (lockers), laundry and shower areas.  The community kitchen and dining area would provide nutritious hot meals for all Phase I residents.

  The center would also offer a library, classrooms, computer access, and a common relaxation area with television and card tables for recreation.  A chapel/meditation room would allow for spiritual growth. Classrooms will be used for budget/finance classes, job search, parenting, substance abuse recovery support, and other classes as identified based on resident needs.

  Offices and consultation rooms will be used by case managers to provide consultation and guidance to residents.

 A community garden would help provide fresh garden produce for use by the community kitchen and individual residents.

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